Suitable Footwear for Antibes Juan Les Pins Coast

Suitable Footwear for Antibes Juan Les Pins CoastThe Antibes coast in the south of France offers lots of history to guests and inhabitants of the region. The town consists of many alleyways and narrow streets, where visitors can explore the local culture. Get a taste of the local cuisine, buy souvenirs from local shops and rave in the local pubs and night clubs opened all night long.

Much of the travel and tour around the town is done by foot. The town is a perfect place to walk and explore the La Garuope beach, enjoy the views of the beautiful gated Cap d’ Antibes villas and visit the local Marine Land Park on the Mediterranean coast. According to Shoe Finale, the best way to enjoy a tour is to have the most suitable and sensible footwear to enable you enjoy adventure all around the town.

  • Trekking Sandals – Designed for walking and long trekking, this footwear is suitable for walking along the Antibes alleyways. They offer comfort in the warm Mediterranean weather and are excellent fashion choice for most pajama parties that take place at the heart of the town. You may also wear them with socks to keep your feet free from dust and dirt.
  • Crocs – They are the excellent choice when walking along the sandy beaches in the Antibes coast. You can also keep them on when swimming as they come off water easily and no need for stressing. You can purchase them from sports megastores. The locals of Nice also sell them cheap along the seafronts.
  • Flip-flops – They will provide you with protect from hazards on the pavement and hot sandy beaches of Antibes.

However, you may need to leave them in your hotel room if you intend to spend a night drinking at the local bars and clubs.

Women Footwear

  • Ballet Flats – This can perfectly fit a lady with a cute sundress. They can be worn when walking along the alleyways and pavements in Antibes. You can also wear them to dinner, if they are adorable flats.
  • Sexy Heels – The low heels need you to own them. You are going to compete with the French women and you need to look fabulous especially when going to rave in the local night clubs.
  • Slip On – Probably the most comfortable shoes to walk around the uneven and unpaved paths with cobble stones, you will be able to keep off hurting your feet. These closed shoes are much safer as you will be able to walk through different streets around Antibes.

Important Tips

When it comes to fashion, the French are way ahead of many cultures in the world. Ensure that your clothes at least match with your footwear. To add in to your looks and beauty, you may need to accessorize with watches, purses and sunglasses. Most French footwear shops around Antibes sell comfortable shoes which fit nicely and can be used for walks or travel in Antibes and its nearby towns. Ensure you get a good pedicure to avoid eye rolling and always carry some wipes to clean your feet before heading to an eatery.

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