A Guide to the Nightlife in Antibes Juan Les Pins

Eilat Coast LineJuan Les Pins is the best place in Antibes if you want to party all night. There are casinos, cabarets, bars, and clubs. If you wish to do any shopping, you will be happy to know that most shops also open at night. Shops are essential if you are going to stay sober all night, and you need to buy something different other than what is available in bars and clubs.

The Eden Casino

The Eden Casino is the most famous club; it’s centrally located in Boulevard Baudoin. This casino gives you free access to 150 slot machines. The table games such as blackjack and roulette wheels require an access fee. They are all licensed, so if you are feeling lucky, this might just be the best place for you to get rich overnight!

Whisky a Gogo

If you love dancing, the Whisky a Gogo is the place to be. The Whisky a Gogo has been in existence since the 1950s and attracts an exclusive crowd. The Whisky a Gogo has existed for so long because of its strict adherence to quality and the consistency of its entertainment as compared to those that have closed their doors since then. It is located in Boulevard de la Pinede and is mostly patronized by an energetic young crowd.

Le Village

Another famous club within Boulevard de la Pinede is the Le Village. These two clubs play international music all night, and the DJ headphones wearing disk jockey sometimes plays special requests. The Kiss Club is well known for its extremely fashionable style. It has a blue and purple lit dance floor and plays international hits all night.

Le Ten’s Bar

If you are more laid back, there is a place for you too; it’s called the Le Ten’s Bar. The Le Ten’s Bar is a British pub found at 25 Avenue du Dr.Hotchet. It is patronized by a friendly crowd and offers more than 50 types of beer. There is also another British pub, Colonial Pub, located along 36 BD D Aguillon Street. It has a bar menu and a terrace. If you are from down under or just looking for fun, the Australian Bar is the place to be. The Australian Bar is located close to the town’s port.

Pam Pams Club

There is also a place for you if you prefer only a few drinks and some people-watching till dawn, the Pam Pams club may interest you. It opens to the street, giving you a chance to watch the world as you drink your beer all night. All you need to do is grab a table, sit and order your drink. This place also has a variety of music that includes reggae, Brazilian and African Music, and dance performances. Their cocktails are also unique. You can order cocktails such as Pina Coladas that are served in coconuts. This place is most popular during summer.

Antibes Juan Les Pins is the place to party at night and relax at a beach club during the day. You have a range of choices, from classy wines bars to bug clubs that cater to different clientele. Whether you love a quiet evening, or you want to dance all night, or just something in between, Antibes Juan Les Pins has clubs or bars that will cater for all your entertainment needs.

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