Jazz Festival – Jazz a` Juan

jazz_homepageJazz a` Juan, the famous jazz festival of Antibes was initially held as a tribute and honour of Sidney Bechet, the famous musician. This inspired musicians across Europe to create and participate in music festivals across the nation. This was a revolutionary concept in music which brought about an overturn in the way even common people perceived musicians and Jazz. The music icons became accessible and the public became one with them through their mesmerizing performances. The festival was held under the century old tree facing the Mediterranean.

Antibes Juan les is often seen as melting pot which blends in many different trends of music together. There has been musicians who have performed there every year since its start in 1960.Right from conception the consistent festival is seen in as a landmark event, where often jazz history is made. It is also flocked by music lovers and critics and is often looked on by the media.

cape-town-jazz-festival_3_image_largeThis festival reflects a wide array of programmes, styles as well as diverse musicians. They feature newbies who has become trend icons, popular singers who has been there all along, modern and classic jazz performers from all around the world: including Africa, Latin –America, India, Europe and France performing in different styles such as cool Jazz, hard Jazz, Jazz Rock, Latin Jazz, Electro _Jazz ,Blues and Swing. Some of the popular singers who has performed there are: Norah Jones, Jamie Cullum, Thomas Dutronc, Richard Bona and Roy Hargrove.

The festival takes place every year during July under the Pinede Gould gardens. The setting is quite magical with the roaring sea in the background and spectators watching it from the banks .There are also stands to watch it from apart from seats and the concert timing is from 8.30 pm and includes up to three different acts.

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