Le Nomade

antibes-nomade-man-of-letters-m06ysvf85hj2v9jv5r8m87v0c939o7r04k8t5rliuwThe harbour in Europe with the largest yachting port is in Antibes and is called as Port Vauban. It has about 2000 moors and also has provisions to accommodate boats and yachts that are bigger than 100 meters in length .It is not man made , and has been in use even before the period of Romans. Now it is mostly used by the local fishermen and is also a primary visiting place for the tourists.
61429D210608D39EF25031EEC55B2C9A-le-nomade--antibesThe major attraction in the scenic tourist spot is the gigantic sculpture of a man who has been created entirely using alphabets. The installation exits, inviting all people’s attention at the end of the walkway near to the wall of Saint-Jaunme. Nomade, is a beauty in itself which cannot be missed at any cost. Many visitors experience the inviting nature of the sculpture which has a rare tempting and alluring quality, which makes people wander near it.
This permanent installation is the work of the famous Catalan contemporary artist Jaume Plensa who is focuses on Paris and Barcelona. Plensa is regarded as a pioneer of contemporary art and has degree in art from Barcelona, the place where he is originated from. He has a wide array of sculptures and pieces of art to his credit and specializes in cast iron installations employing creative inclusion of sound, language and light. Nomade was in installed in 2007, and exists in a magic harmony with the recently restored bastion (Saint-Jaume). This work of art draws thousands of visitors to the coast, and visitors come to admire and thereby get mesmerized by this enormous human figure made out of alphabets , looking on to the depth and beauty of the Mediterranean Sea.