Fort Carre

t_10668This is a heritage spot situated in the outskirts of Antibes. This fort also known as Fort Carre` d’ Antibes was built in the 17thcentury and is in the shape of a star with four bastions(arrow-head shaped). It is believed that this fort was actually built by Romans around 1565 as tower in modification to a chapel that already existed. However, in 1565 Henry III took over the place and added 4 bastions to it and thereby called it as the squared fort or Fort Carre.
The fort in addition to the beautiful architecture and infrastructure holds a lot of historical significance as Napoleon Bonaparte was imprisoned there during the French Revolution, after overpowering Robespierre. This fort is also significant during the annexure of Nice in 1860.The Fort is quite close to the harbour, with a triangular entrance protruding from the wall leading on to a narrow bridge which directs into the insides of the fort.
The fort is located on a rock which is 26m above the sea level with a 43 m high walkway and promises a panoramic vision. It also has a beautiful and vast (4 hectare) ecological park which is filled with the flora and fauna from all around the Mediterranean. The Fort remains opened from Tuesday till Friday at 12:30 till 4:00 Pm .On the Weekends it opens at 10. The cost of the guided tour is included along with the entry free and occurs in a duration of half an hour. In the months of August and July the timing shift from11 to 6 and there are special packages and workshops scheduled for school and group visits .More information is available on the website.