What Are the Best Ways to Take Stunning Travel Footage?

street-534386_640Are you super eager to share to the world the breath-taking sights of the places you’ve visited complete with all the bells and whistles? These days, it’s practically possible to create a stunning log of your travels through a comprehensive and well-crafted footage. Aerial shots are no longer a thing reserved for the professional videographers because of drone technology. This and traditional DSLR capacity can together concoct a travel footage worth sharing and remembering.

Here are some of the best practices that you can do in your next travel adventure documentation:

1. Know the drone regulations in your area of choice

You cannot really continue an unhampered documenting experience if you are violating regulations for safety and order. Some drones are not allowed to fly in certain zones because it can interfere signals with aircraft or cause disturbances in air traffic during departure and landing. The drone regulations will set limits on what you can or cannot execute on the site of your choice.

2. Master the specs of the drone model you intend to buy

Do not just blindly join the hordes of drone videographers. A lot of travel videographers say that the DJI Phantom is the best drone for travelers especially when paired with a Go Pro device, but depending on your needs, you may find other less expensive models that serve your purposes just as well. Also, get to know additional accessories that will make flying time and capture of photos more seamless and long-lasting. Items such as anti gravity motors and carbon fiber propellers serve such purposes.

3. Go manual, but take advantage of GPS mode later

Loading coordinates and letting the drone do its magic capture will do wonders for your coverage, for sure. But at first, you may need to learn the ropes first by doing manual mode where you literally control the drone with a more involved manner in the remote control. This will also give you a feel for your gadget’s movement and allow you to make more accurate estimates of its flying capability in future shoots.

4. Maintain storytelling and other oldies but goodies of photo and video coverage

You can still apply the rule of thirds, focus your video coverage on an interesting subject, and use the visuals to tell an overarching story with the use of drones. The principles remain the same, but it’s really more like you have gained an extra long arm and leg with maximum dexterity to capture shots you could not otherwise accomplish using your own tripod, digital camera, and phone. Like in any other footage, it will do you a lot of good if you go out of the usual way of presenting a tourist destination by trying new activities and experimenting with new angles of capturing scenes.

Drones for travel footage take an initial investment. You can still do away with stunning photography and videos through traditional means, but it is much more difficult to compete when other serious travel documentation specialists are now combining their creative skill with upgraded tools like unmanned aerial vehicles that have high resolution cameras in them.

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A Guide to Renovated Real Estate in Antibes Juan Les Pins

A Guide to Renovated Real Estate in Antibes Juan Les PinsThe small town, health resort area of Antibes Juan Les Pins in southeastern France is a big vacation destination. Featuring casinos, nightlife, and beautiful, curving beaches, this is a smart place to invest in renovated real estate. Purchasing a ready to rent, turnkey renovated property in this hopping resort town is sure to see a return on investment in no time. Or you could buy more than one property, live in one, and rent out the others. The possibilities are endless in Antibes Juan Les Pins.

To begin your search for renovated real estate in Antibes Juan Les Pins, set your budget and then do a search on google and take a look at some of the properties available to help you decide what it is you want from your renovated property. From magnificent villas with amazing ocean views to smaller cottages not too far from the beach, there is something for every lifestyle and budget, if you’re willing to search, negotiate, and well, take a trip there.

When considering purchasing property in this part of France, your best bet is to take a real estate hunting trip. Choose a real estate agent, email them your wish list and ideal budget and have them do the leg work. He or she will find the right properties and set up appointments for showings once you’ve narrowed down your selection.

When you’re viewing the properties, keep and open mind and be willing to compromise – just like how you would be if you were choosing among the top rated chainsaws in today’s market. Chances are that not every house or villa will have everything you want. You may have to take partially renovated home to get that spectacular ocean view or you may have to walk a bit further to the beach to have the perfect house.

Buying real estate in a holiday, beach town is one of those things that makes it onto a lot of people’s bucket lists. If it’s on yours, don’t delay. Book a flight and find that perfect beach house that’s already been upgraded and sit back and relax, because you’re now on permanent vacation.

A Guide to the Nightlife in Antibes Juan Les Pins

Eilat Coast LineJuan Les Pins is the best place in Antibes if you want to party all night. There are casinos, cabarets, bars, and clubs. If you wish to do any shopping, you will be happy to know that most shops also open at night. Shops are essential if you are going to stay sober all night, and you need to buy something different other than what is available in bars and clubs.

The Eden Casino

The Eden Casino is the most famous club; it’s centrally located in Boulevard Baudoin. This casino gives you free access to 150 slot machines. The table games such as blackjack and roulette wheels require an access fee. They are all licensed, so if you are feeling lucky, this might just be the best place for you to get rich overnight!

Whisky a Gogo

If you love dancing, the Whisky a Gogo is the place to be. The Whisky a Gogo has been in existence since the 1950s and attracts an exclusive crowd. The Whisky a Gogo has existed for so long because of its strict adherence to quality and the consistency of its entertainment as compared to those that have closed their doors since then. It is located in Boulevard de la Pinede and is mostly patronized by an energetic young crowd.

Le Village

Another famous club within Boulevard de la Pinede is the Le Village. These two clubs play international music all night, and the DJ headphones wearing disk jockey sometimes plays special requests. The Kiss Club is well known for its extremely fashionable style. It has a blue and purple lit dance floor and plays international hits all night.

Le Ten’s Bar

If you are more laid back, there is a place for you too; it’s called the Le Ten’s Bar. The Le Ten’s Bar is a British pub found at 25 Avenue du Dr.Hotchet. It is patronized by a friendly crowd and offers more than 50 types of beer. There is also another British pub, Colonial Pub, located along 36 BD D Aguillon Street. It has a bar menu and a terrace. If you are from down under or just looking for fun, the Australian Bar is the place to be. The Australian Bar is located close to the town’s port.

Pam Pams Club

There is also a place for you if you prefer only a few drinks and some people-watching till dawn, the Pam Pams club may interest you. It opens to the street, giving you a chance to watch the world as you drink your beer all night. All you need to do is grab a table, sit and order your drink. This place also has a variety of music that includes reggae, Brazilian and African Music, and dance performances. Their cocktails are also unique. You can order cocktails such as Pina Coladas that are served in coconuts. This place is most popular during summer.

Antibes Juan Les Pins is the place to party at night and relax at a beach club during the day. You have a range of choices, from classy wines bars to bug clubs that cater to different clientele. Whether you love a quiet evening, or you want to dance all night, or just something in between, Antibes Juan Les Pins has clubs or bars that will cater for all your entertainment needs.

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Suitable Footwear for Antibes Juan Les Pins Coast

Suitable Footwear for Antibes Juan Les Pins CoastThe Antibes coast in the south of France offers lots of history to guests and inhabitants of the region. The town consists of many alleyways and narrow streets, where visitors can explore the local culture. Get a taste of the local cuisine, buy souvenirs from local shops and rave in the local pubs and night clubs opened all night long.

Much of the travel and tour around the town is done by foot. The town is a perfect place to walk and explore the La Garuope beach, enjoy the views of the beautiful gated Cap d’ Antibes villas and visit the local Marine Land Park on the Mediterranean coast. According to Shoe Finale, the best way to enjoy a tour is to have the most suitable and sensible footwear to enable you enjoy adventure all around the town.

  • Trekking Sandals – Designed for walking and long trekking, this footwear is suitable for walking along the Antibes alleyways. They offer comfort in the warm Mediterranean weather and are excellent fashion choice for most pajama parties that take place at the heart of the town. You may also wear them with socks to keep your feet free from dust and dirt.
  • Crocs – They are the excellent choice when walking along the sandy beaches in the Antibes coast. You can also keep them on when swimming as they come off water easily and no need for stressing. You can purchase them from sports megastores. The locals of Nice also sell them cheap along the seafronts.
  • Flip-flops – They will provide you with protect from hazards on the pavement and hot sandy beaches of Antibes.

However, you may need to leave them in your hotel room if you intend to spend a night drinking at the local bars and clubs.

Women Footwear

  • Ballet Flats – This can perfectly fit a lady with a cute sundress. They can be worn when walking along the alleyways and pavements in Antibes. You can also wear them to dinner, if they are adorable flats.
  • Sexy Heels – The low heels need you to own them. You are going to compete with the French women and you need to look fabulous especially when going to rave in the local night clubs.
  • Slip On – Probably the most comfortable shoes to walk around the uneven and unpaved paths with cobble stones, you will be able to keep off hurting your feet. These closed shoes are much safer as you will be able to walk through different streets around Antibes.

Important Tips

When it comes to fashion, the French are way ahead of many cultures in the world. Ensure that your clothes at least match with your footwear. To add in to your looks and beauty, you may need to accessorize with watches, purses and sunglasses. Most French footwear shops around Antibes sell comfortable shoes which fit nicely and can be used for walks or travel in Antibes and its nearby towns. Ensure you get a good pedicure to avoid eye rolling and always carry some wipes to clean your feet before heading to an eatery.

The Best Hotel in Antibes Juan Les Pins for a Good Sleep

Which is the Best Hotel in Melton for a Good SleepJuan Les Pins is a major tourist attraction town in the commune of Antibes, south of France. The town takes you to a completely different level of exploring the world. The town was originally used in ancient times to protect its inhabitants from the passing sea voyagers. Presently, the town boasts of narrow alley streets, filled with souvenir shops and eateries.

A number of breath taking sights and activities exist around the town. They include Antibes Old Town which has historic streets and a market open every day from morning to midday. There is also the Cap d’ Antibes luxury villas situated on the Mediterranean coast. For the best views, one can walk along the paths of the well maintained Garuope Beach. You can also visit the Marine Land Park which has sea animals such as sharks, penguins and dolphins.

Hotel Ibis Styles

Lying just 200 meters from the Mediterranean beaches, this top quality hotel offers excellent accommodation services to its guest. Its located 15 kilometers from the Nice airport. It’s the ideal place to discover the marvels of Cote d’Azur and the culture of inhabitants. The hotel guarantees guests of comfort, excellent customer services at a low price ensuring that their visit is perfect.

Types of Rooms in Ibis Styles Hotel

Ibis Styles has rooms which are designed using eco-friendly materials. There is a central switching system which controls the energy saving light bulbs. All the beds have luxurious and comfortable mattresses. The rooms are cleaned with environmentally friendly cleaning products. You also get served by multilingual staff.

  1. Standard Rooms with 1 double Bed – The room has a bed measuring 160cm by 200cm, with relaxation pillows and a duvet. There is also a 26 inch LCD flat screen with connectors for a personal computer, iPod, games consoles and MP3 Player. The television package with main channels. There are also hair dryers and shower in the bathroom. Air conditioner, a heater, operator and auto wake up calls and a telephone are also in the room.
  2. Standard Room with Two Beds – The room has two twin beds measuring 90cm by 200 cm, relaxation pillows and duvets. For your entertainment, there is a 26 inch LCD flat screen television set with all the main channels, air conditioner and a heater and a single bathroom.
  3. Standard Family Suite with 1 Double Bed and 1 sofa for 2 – The room accommodates two adults and 2 children. The bed is 63 inches wide with relaxation pillows and duvets. There is a double sofa bed for the young ones, 26 inches LCD television, operator and auto wake up calls, high speed internet and bathroom fitting; hair dryer and shower.
  4. Standard Room with a Single Bed – The bed measures 140 cm by 200 cm and has relaxation pillows and a duvet. The room has 26 inch LCD television set, a TV package with main channels and a bathroom with hair dryer and shower fittings.

Services and Facilities at Ibis Styles Hotel

  • Breakfast- The breakfast is developed and served by a nutritionist. It constitutes a squeeze of fresh orange juice, ham, Emmental cheese, whole meal bread, hot drinks and fruits of your choice.
  • Sports Facilities- A fully equipped gym, jet skiing and pedal boats at the local beach.
  • Facilities for the Disabled- There are wheelchair access paths and reduced mobility facilities.
  • Free morning dailies.
  • Free fast speed internet access/ Wi-Fi

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All About Antibes

D111R2-Antibes-015-600x300Antibes is small, picture -postcard, scenic seaside destination located between Cannes and Nice on the Mediterranean shore. This town has been built on the remains of the ancient trading port of Greece, Antipolis. It still has an air of the 16th century and prevails all over its narrow streets, old port and markets (vegetable and flower markets) and has been a destination for many eminent men including the 20th centuries most famous artist Pablo Picasso , Max Erns, novelist Graham Greene and Nicolas de Stael. It is also the biggest and luxurious Mediterranean harbour with provisions for over hundred yachts. It is also known hub among the musicians and music lovers, thanks to its jazz festival every summer. It has around eighty thousand inhabitants and is the second to the largest town in Cote d’Azur.

thalazur-antibes-1308431245Antibes are well connected and easy to reach which makes it insanely popular among travellers all around the globe. Nice-Cote d Azur Airport is equipped with modern amenities and has two terminals. It is ideally located at around 10 miles at the north east of Juan-les-pines and 4 miles towards the south west of Nice. The airport is an extremely busy one, having around ten million passengers every year and has over 100 international services. Nice-Cote d Azur Airport can also easily reached using local transportation (both buses and taxis).However the country is best enjoyed by taking train. It would allow you to admire and appreciate the beauty at its natural best.

From London, there are regular and direct flights to Nice airport and all major airports in Britain such as Leeds, Cardiff, Bristol and Edinburg. In case of choosing to travel by train, it is best to board a direct train to Nice from St Pancras International Station (London). Travellers unanimously suggest that the best mode to travel through the place is to walk around, since all the streets are pedestrianised and all major attractions are accessible.

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Facilities for Accommodation

rooms_img3Antibes is an extremely popular destination for tourists all around the world, which ensures that there are a lot of resorts and stays that are available at all prices. The top of the list has Hotel Du Cap Eden Roc which is considered to be the seat of luxury and is right above the sea. However there are a lot of options which could be considered including bed and breakfasts, which would take you away to 18th century. The best recommended high end hotels are:

1Accommodation_Facility_250x250Hotel Du Cap Eden Roc: It is known for excellence and luxury and is ideally located at the top of cap d’Antibes and offers utmost privacy in a 19th century place with ultramodern amenities.
Hotel Belles –Rives: It is a legendary resort which was the home of the great novelist Scott Fitzgerald, it boasts of a beautiful and ordinary setting with sheer luxury and elegance. The whole hotel is themed around 1930’s and overlooks the Mediterranean.
La Garoupe Gardiole: This hotel is in the most polished areas of the country side and is known for the delight and luxury it offers. The place is extremely charming surrounded by lush greenery.

The best recommended budget hotels are:

La Bastide du Bosquet: It is an 18 century house which is simple but elegant and is located between Antibes and Juan –les-Pins. It has been beautifully renovated to include more aesthetics and has good deals on group booking as well as bed and breakfast options. There are also great books to read and board games for children and families to enjoy.
Villa Plein Soleil: It is one of the excellent bed and breakfast in the area but has only few extravagantly spacious rooms. It is situated very close to the beach and the house is a beauty in in itself. It also houses a terrace garden and a common room to relax and have fun

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Jazz Festival – Jazz a` Juan

jazz_homepageJazz a` Juan, the famous jazz festival of Antibes was initially held as a tribute and honour of Sidney Bechet, the famous musician. This inspired musicians across Europe to create and participate in music festivals across the nation. This was a revolutionary concept in music which brought about an overturn in the way even common people perceived musicians and Jazz. The music icons became accessible and the public became one with them through their mesmerizing performances. The festival was held under the century old tree facing the Mediterranean.

Antibes Juan les is often seen as melting pot which blends in many different trends of music together. There has been musicians who have performed there every year since its start in 1960.Right from conception the consistent festival is seen in as a landmark event, where often jazz history is made. It is also flocked by music lovers and critics and is often looked on by the media.

cape-town-jazz-festival_3_image_largeThis festival reflects a wide array of programmes, styles as well as diverse musicians. They feature newbies who has become trend icons, popular singers who has been there all along, modern and classic jazz performers from all around the world: including Africa, Latin –America, India, Europe and France performing in different styles such as cool Jazz, hard Jazz, Jazz Rock, Latin Jazz, Electro _Jazz ,Blues and Swing. Some of the popular singers who has performed there are: Norah Jones, Jamie Cullum, Thomas Dutronc, Richard Bona and Roy Hargrove.

The festival takes place every year during July under the Pinede Gould gardens. The setting is quite magical with the roaring sea in the background and spectators watching it from the banks .There are also stands to watch it from apart from seats and the concert timing is from 8.30 pm and includes up to three different acts.

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